Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

About PICS

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions convenes and connects multidisciplinary partners and perspectives from across academia, government, the private sector and from our communities to develop impactful, evidence-based climate change solutions. Our four-university foundational advantage means we can draw upon a network of knowledge, experience and innovation within British Columbia while also inviting advice and input from climate change experts across Canada and internationally. Our independent and stable funding structure supports the certainty needed for longer-term complex research investment, as well as faster turnaround solutions.

Our Mandate

To produce leading climate solutions research that is actively used by decision-makers to develop effective mitigation and adaptation policies and actions. PICS has a global remit, but a focus on BC.

Our Philosophy

At PICS, we recognise the multi-dimensional nature of the climate challenges we face, and celebrate how diverse perspectives, approaches and skillsets can contribute to effective climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions.

Strong connections between researchers and the solution seekers who will use their research results are vital. Earth’s climate is changing at an unprecedented rapid rate demanding an agile response. The “PICS Way” deliberately steps away from siloed research to deliver timely and innovative climate solutions co-designed between partners who are able to respond to shifts in technology, policy, need, and environmental change.


Our Programs

Our programs drive partnerships and engagement, helping Solution Seekers become solution makers from question to collaboration, and idea to action. Through our Opportunity Projects, Theme Partnerships, Event Sponsorship and Internship Programs, we support:

  • Up to $2.3M per year on new climate solutions research
  • Innovative and engaged partnerships, uniting leading researchers with solution seekers
  • Increased climate capacity: 100’s of graduate students and postdocs supported

Our Model

PICS’ collaborative model unites leading researchers from our four partner universities with Solution Seekers in government, industry, NGOs and communities, driving research excellence and a solutions-focus.


Climate Change Adaptation: Current Program Examples (January 2020)

Climate-Adaptive Planning for BC’s Protected Areas

Partners: BC Parks Foundation, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, The Nature Trust of British Columbia, University of Northern British Columbia, PICS

Climate Change Solutions for Canada's Undersea Forests

Partners: Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance, Simon Fraser University, PICS

Climate Change Adaptive Mitigation: A Framework for Assessing Urban Neighbourhoods

Partners: BC Housing, University of British Columbia, PICS

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University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada



PICS is hosted by the University of Victoria in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Northern British Columbia.