Concurrent Sessions 8 | Feb 21, 2020 > (CS8-YO) Fostering Environmental Empathy and Youth Involvement

(CS8-YO) Fostering Environmental Empathy and Youth Involvement

posted on 11:52 AM, December 24, 2019

Moderator: Kelsey Taylor

Presenter: Abhayjeet Singh Sachal

This session will discuss the importance of environmental empathy from a youth perspective. Abhayjeet Singh Sachal will speak about travelling to the Canadian Arctic and founding Break The Divide Foundation at the age of 14. The focus of the presentation will be on youth engagement in environmental issues, the importance of nuance in discussions on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the necessity to unite to take climate action. Abhayjeet will discuss Break The Divide’s emphasis on dialogue among youth around the world and the necessity of real conversations in a time of polarization and apathy.

This presentation will provide attendees with tangible resources and understandings to engage in dialogue about the climate crisis with youth and create a sense of commonality to address associated environmental issues. This presentation will include group activities, discussion and a Q & A period.