Concurrent Sessions 8 | Feb 21, 2020 > (CS8-RA) Creative Practices for Communicating Climate Change and Getting Buy-in (Workshop)

(CS8-RA) Creative Practices for Communicating Climate Change and Getting Buy-in (Workshop)

posted on 5:09 PM, November 17, 2019

Presenters: Kari Tyler (moderator), Trevor Murdock, Erica Crawford, Denni Clement, Megan Lohmann and Maya Chorobik

Some of the most common challenges for organizations moving adaptation from an assessment to action are: getting buy-in from diverse subject matter experts, building up a network of supportive peers and winning over the much hoped-for champions in leadership roles. Overcoming these institutional barriers to change and successfully engaging people are essential skills for adaptation practitioners. Data and information rarely change people’s perspectives but authentic connections, supported by good information and resources, can have a big impact.

To engage meaningfully with others, adaptation professionals have to meet them where they are at and work to understand their perspectives and concerns.  This session will build those skills through a series of participatory exercises and small group work. The workshop will include story-telling and activities to demonstrate and experience the practical communications tools that will give professionals the skills to engage in change-making conversations.