Concurrent Sessions 8 | Feb 21, 2020 > (CS8-PP) Competencies: A Catalyst for Adaptation Capacity Building (Workshop)

(CS8-PP) Competencies: A Catalyst for Adaptation Capacity Building (Workshop)

posted on 6:00 PM, November 16, 2019

Presenters: Robin Cox (moderator), Kyla Milne, David Lapp and Mary-Ann Wilson

Adaptation professionals act as change agents, guiding adaptation initiatives that are transdisciplinary and collaborative; that advance Canada’s social, economic and environmental goals and reconciliation agenda; and that enhance the climate resilience of our communities.

This workshop provides one opportunity to contribute to that agenda through the development of a shared understanding of what competencies are required to lead in this field. Following a brief introduction to the idea of competencies, competency frameworks, and the competency curve, participants will engage in a range of immersive, structured group activities designed to catalyze critical, reflexive and creative conversations about the knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgements required by professionals. This interactive workshop will contribute to a nationally informed, openly available climate change adaptation framework that can inform future adaptation training and education, guide hiring and recruitment of adaptation professionals and enhance the effectiveness of those already working in this field.