Concurrent Sessions 8 | Feb 21, 2020 > (CS8-ER) Canadian-Style Forestry in the 21st Century: Raising Our Game

(CS8-ER) Canadian-Style Forestry in the 21st Century: Raising Our Game

posted on 5:56 PM, November 16, 2019

Presenters: Benjamin Filewod (moderator), Christian Messier and Dave Andison

Climate change impacts a Canadian forest products sector that is changing endogenously due to accumulation and depletion of specific forms of capital and technological progress. Resulting impacts on Canadian competitiveness are relative to the state of other players in global forest products markets, whose situations – notably supply-side exposure to projected warming- are very different. In turn, the economic consequences of Canada’s competitive position will shape the selection and success of sectoral adaptation strategies.

This talk will describe the trajectory and current status of Canada’s evolving forest products sector, including new research on total-value-chain measures of competitiveness in the global economy and the role of forest quality (age/size, location) in competitiveness, and summarize the supply-side vulnerability of Canada and her competitors in global forest products markets. This economic analysis will be linked to strategic options for forest sector adaptation, setting the stage for a detailed exposition of emerging forest management models by Prof. Messier and Dr. Andison.