Concurrent Sessions 7 | Feb 20, 2020 > (CS7-AI) Including Social Equity in Adaptation Action (Workshop)

(CS7-AI) Including Social Equity in Adaptation Action (Workshop)

posted on 5:33 PM, November 16, 2019

Presenters: Ericha Moores (moderator), Kyla Milne, Sara Holzman and Rebekka Schnitter

Climate change has disproportionate and differential impact on the most vulnerable. Understanding the social contexts and roots causes of vulnerability are integral components of designing and implementing adaptation solutions that are effective, culturally sensitive and sustainable. Vulnerability and social equity are closely related concepts and, whilst there is theoretical understanding of this relationship, there is limited knowledge on how to integrate this into adaptation practice.

This session, composed of a panel with representatives from Natural Resources Canada, Health Canada, Government of Nunavut and Government of Nova Scotia, will provide practical examples of how different organizations are considering social equity in adaptation planning and implementation and the need for empowered approaches. Following the panel, there will be a workshop component that will further explore the integration of social equity and climate adaptation.