Concurrent Sessions 6 | Feb 20, 2020 > (CS6-ER) Tackling Invasive Species in a Changing Climate (Oral presentations)

(CS6-ER) Tackling Invasive Species in a Changing Climate (Oral presentations)

posted on 10:25 AM, November 16, 2019

Moderator: Bob Purdy

Invasion Risk from Vessel Traffic in Marine Protected Areas under Current and Future Climate Conditions

Presenters: Dr. Josephine Iacarella

Non-indigenous species pose a significant threat to the main objective of marine conservation, protecting biodiversity. To-date, there has been limited research quantifying invasion risk to marine protected areas (MPAs) despite the potential consequences of invasions. Dr. Iacarella from Fisheries and Oceans Canada will present research on how invasions in MPAs can be predicted by evaluating suitable environmental conditions under current and future climates and vessel traffic movements as a pathway of spread. This research highlights a major conservation concern often overlooked in MPA spatial planning and management, and applies well-established tools in a novel approach to assess invasion risk.

Best Practices for Managing Invasive Species in the Metro Vancouver Region – Tools for Prevention, Management & Education

Presenters: Tasha Murray and Laurie Bates-Frymel

Invasive species are non-native flora or fauna that can be highly destructive, costly, competitive and difficult to control. Climate change will likely support conditions that allow existing invasive species to flourish and new ones to establish. Prevention and control of invasive species will help to maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems. To support region-wide invasive species management efforts, Metro Vancouver, the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver, Diamond Head Consulting and the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia have created locally-appropriate best management practices (BMPs) for several high-priority species found in the Metro Vancouver region. These guides provide a compendium of technical guidance that has been tested by many researchers and operations experts. This presentation will review the content (and planned future additions) of the BMPs, and discuss how they are contributing to region-wide efforts to increase awareness about invasive species.