Concurrent Sessions 2 | Feb 19, 2020 > (CS2-RA) Multimedia Community Engagement for Sea Level Rise Adaptation (Workshop)

(CS2-RA) Multimedia Community Engagement for Sea Level Rise Adaptation (Workshop)

posted on 4:54 PM, November 12, 2019

Presenters: David Reid (moderator), Chris Osborne, Don Crockett and Grant Lamont

BC Provincial policy now requires that all Local Governments consider climate-change-related Sea Level Rise (SLR) and related Coastal Flood Hazard Area Land Use Guidelines in their bylaws. This change brings consideration of SLR to the forefront in Official Community Plans, Development Permits, Zoning Bylaws, Subdivision and Engineering Bylaws, as well as Asset Management. SLR consideration will also feature in private sector development applications and related real estate and agriculture planning.

This interactive panel session brings together a team of planners, landscape architects, visualization, community engagement and engineers that are working with communities to integrate SLR adaptation into long-term planning, infrastructure and regulations.  It will explore some of the scientific, political and communications challenges faced by these various professionals.

In a coordinated series, each panelist will provide a 10-15 minute presentation. An interactive audience discussion will focus on how this panel’s experience is reflected in other municipalities or private sector projects.