Concurrent Sessions 7 | Feb 20, 2020

 (CS7-FR) Changing Climate, Changing Finance: Tools and Approaches for Financing Resilience (Workshop) posted on 1:44 PM, August 15, 2019
 (CS7-SS) Adapting to Changing Permafrost and Sea-ice Conditions in Canada’s North (Oral presentations) posted on 1:43 PM, August 15, 2019
 (CS7-ER) From North to South: Climate Change Implications for Fisheries posted on 5:01 PM, November 16, 2019
 (CS7-PP) Assessing Climate Risk in the Transportation Sector (Oral presentations) posted on 5:18 PM, November 16, 2019
 (CS7-RA) Arts, Games, and Creative Insights into Community Engagement (Oral presentations posted on 5:28 PM, November 16, 2019
 (CS7-AI) Including Social Equity in Adaptation Action (Workshop) posted on 5:33 PM, November 16, 2019
 (CS7-HE) Navigating Climate Grief: The Conversation That Is Needed Now (Workshop) posted on 5:34 PM, November 16, 2019
 (CS7-YO) Steering the Mentorship: The Why and How of Youth Engagement for Climate Action (Workshop) posted on 5:39 PM, November 16, 2019