Concurrent Sessions 5 | Feb 20, 2020

 (CS5-FR) Funding and Financing Opportunities for Green Infrastructure posted on 1:41 PM, August 15, 2019
 (CS5-SS) Exploring opportunities and barriers to natural/nature-based adaptation in Maritime Canada (Oral presentations) posted on 1:40 PM, August 15, 2019
 (CS5-ER) Climate-smart Conservation Planning and Management: When and where is resistance futile? (Workshop) posted on 10:32 PM, November 15, 2019
 (CS5-PP) Introducing Canada’s Climate Data Portal: helping Canadians access and understand climate data and information to reduce the risks from climate change (Workshop) posted on 10:38 PM, November 15, 2019
 (CS5-RA) Sharing Knowledge, Building Networks to Address a Changing Prairie Climate (Workshop) posted on 9:36 AM, November 16, 2019
 (CS5-AI) Lessons from Adaptation in the Global South (Oral presentations) posted on 9:51 AM, November 16, 2019
 (CS5-HE) Working Towards Resilient Indigenous Food Systems posted on 10:01 AM, November 16, 2019
 (CS5-YO) Building Resilience in Indigenous communities: Youth Stepping Up to Lead Before the Storm (Workshop) posted on 10:05 AM, November 16, 2019