Concurrent Sessions 3 | Feb 19, 2020

 (CS3-FR) Cities Paving the Way to Climate Change Adaptation: Implementing the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure Recommendations (Workshop) posted on 1:37 PM, August 15, 2019
 (CS3-SS) Building Adaptive, Resilient Housing: Lessons from the Field posted on 1:37 PM, August 15, 2019
 (CS3-ER) Resilient Urban Forests and Green Spaces (Oral presentations) posted on 10:51 AM, November 13, 2019
 (CS3-PP) Engaging Agricultural Stakeholders to Foster Actions on Adaptation (Workshop) posted on 10:58 AM, November 13, 2019
 (CS3-RA) Case Studies of Adaptation Planning in First Nations Communities posted on 11:15 AM, November 13, 2019
 (CS3-AI) Overcoming Adaptation Inertia in Small Communities? The interplay of local governance, educational and resource limitations, and innovation and experimentation (Workshop) posted on 11:21 AM, November 13, 2019
 (CS3-HE) Empowering Action on Health, Infectious Diseases and Climate Change (Oral presentation) posted on 11:29 AM, November 13, 2019
 (CS3-YO) Northern Youth Engagement through Filmmaking (Oral presentations) posted on 11:36 AM, November 13, 2019