Concurrent Sessions 1 | Feb 19, 2020 > (CS1-YO) Youth & Resilience: Stories of Resilience and Youth Engagement

(CS1-YO) Youth & Resilience: Stories of Resilience and Youth Engagement

posted on 4:20 PM, July 23, 2019

Moderators: Cherry Tam and Veronika Bylicki

Presenters: Harvy Takhar Stephanie Koenig, Patrick Michell and Angela Danyluk

Youth are inheriting and adapting to a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate. Including youth in decision-making and in addressing adaptation is crucial for society to build resilience. This session will amplify the stories of young leaders and their perspectives on resilience, and also help enable practitioners and decision-makers to more meaningfully engage youth in their work.

The session, moderated by CityHive, will feature a panel of three BC youth and one decision-maker who will share their stories. CityHive will also share some of their best practices when it comes to engaging youth holistically to address various social and environmental challenges. The session will build off of the "My Climate Story" Project, an online story map platform of the Fraser Basin Council for youth in BC to share their diverse perspectives on how climate change affects them and their communities.