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Note: Adaptation Canada 2020 is a wrap! Thanks to all sponsors of this event. This page is for information only.

Adaptation Canada 2020 is Canada’s national conference on climate change adaptation – and it’s an event you can take pride in. When you become part of AC2020, you’re not just sponsoring a conference, you’re supporting solutions!

Learn about Sponsorship

AC2020 sponsorship has five levels – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze – plus special event sponsorships, so you can find the opportunity that’s right for you.

Find all the details in Sponsorship Opportunities.


Consider the Advantages

First – this is a conference you’ll want to attend!

You and your team will learn how climate change is expected to impact Canadians and the Canadian economy. You’ll gain strategic insights that can help you reposition your organization for long-term climate resilience.

Sponsorship has other benefits too:

  • Gain maximum exposure at a premier event with key knowledge leaders from across Canada discussing one of our nation’s most critical issues
  • Network with scientific experts, practitioners, industry and business reps, and people from all levels of government
  • Reach key stakeholders relevant to your field
  • Attract new clients
  • Build and reinforce strategic relationships
  • Reinforce your organization’s brand.

Talk to us!

We welcome your expression of interest. To learn more, contact:

Jim Vanderwal
Senior Program Manager, Climate Change & Air Quality

T: 604 897-5350